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مايو 25, 2011 / najwa

Lebanon hands over Syrian soldiers who refused to fire-to be slaughtered


For Arab speakers I wrote this post in arabic as well.

Last Tuesday (17 may 2011) I read an appeal regarding three Syrian soldiers who refused to fire on unarmed civilians, who fled with the civilians to Lebanon, only to be detained by the Lebanese army who was on alert on the border. There were fears that they might be handed back to Syria.

That would be a gruesome act. I have head news about horrific torture against disloyal soldiers, even by the measures of the known barbarity of the Syrian regime, so that their mutilated bodies would be a message and a warning to other soldiers.

The next day I read on the news that they indeed were handed over,  on Aljazeera and Al-sharq Al-awsat )I am afraid you will need to use Google translate or some other program). In panic I tried to get in contact with Amnesty International and the Office of high commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR, a UN body) to report the event, they might be able to help. They were already aware of it and it was a case they were working on, but they did not give me a lot of hope.

It appears that there were three soldiers, but one of them died due to his gunshot wounds. The event is mentioned in regional media, but it seems to be unnoticed in the western media.

It is not the first time Lebanon authorities assists Syrian regime in it’s crackdown on Syrians, and it continues.

In the paper alsharq alawsat a lebanese official says that it was the soldiers them selves who asked to be handed over! As if they were not detained as explained in the previous links and here is another one, thus not really free to go where ever they want to if they really wanted to go somewhere. Such strange ridiculous claims remind a lot about the claims made by the Syrian regime : that it was the people of Deraa them selves who demanded the army to enter the town to ”clean” it from ”terrorists”. A claim that was rejected by witnesses from Deraa who were lucky enough to be able to use the close-by Jordanian cell phone coverage and talk to Aljazeera and other TV channels. Deraa was under siege, bombed, communications and electricity and water were cut off. No food or medicine possible. And experienced massacres and massgraves.

Their neighbor city Nawa witnessed large demonstrations in support of Deraa and in condemnation of the barbaric atrocities committed by the regime. Now they knew the regime would punish them the same way so in one demonstration a man reads a declaration in the name of the people of Nawa denying that they have ever asked the army to enter and saying there are no terrorists and they regard such a claim by the regime as a prelude to further massacres the regime will commit against them, all filmed by a cell phone camera ant placed on the net for the world to see, as the Syrian has banned and and not allowed any international media or journalists to enter Syria.

In Deraa the witnesses on foreign TV channels have mentioned that there were some soldiers who refused to participate in the genocide, they were ofcourse shot, some of them however, the citizens tried to hide and help.

Some cell phone videos which are circulating in the internet show what is claimed to be a soldier with torture marks committed by the Syrian regime, as well as two other soldiers whose bodies were found outside by citizens and where one was identified as Hatem Aboud from the town Mesyaf (violent scenes)

The Syrian TV talks a lot about ”terrorists” who kill members in the army. But many Syrians don’t believe that, and say this is the excuse used by the regime in it’s brutal war attacking civilians and cities who have witnessed large anti-regime and pro-democracy demonstrations. And the soldiers are soldiers who refused to fire and were killed by the regime. In the last section of this article ( I am afraid you will need Google translate again), a father of a killed soldier is mentioned by name, and he says that he refuses the participation of any Syrian official in the funeral cause they ” kill the victim and they participate in the funeral and pretend to be sad”

The young soldiers handed over to Syria from Lebanon, face most probably an unspeakable unthinkable faith. Just because they couldn’t participate in killings of unarmed innocents. Because they couldn’t participate in crimes against the humanity. And for that they were handed over- by Lebanon, a nation who signed the Geneva convention, as if all the atrocities the Syrian regime is committing were not enough already – to be slaughtered.

And this way, there will of course be more.

And the western and international media does not seems to be even mentioning or aware of this.

Please…Please…..Please….I beg you…Do spread these words, journalists, lawyers, reporters…Please NOW.

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