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مايو 29, 2011 / najwa

Hamza Al Khatib, a child tortured to death, body mutilated genitals cut out, by Syrian regime

For Arabic speakers, I wrote this post in Arabic as well.

This is hell…But wait, no. .

It’s worse.

When I used to imagine hell, it was less horrifying than this. Than what the Syrian regime is doing to Syrian people.

Hamza al Khatib, a beautiful little boy, with a shining smile, came from Giza, a small town neighboring Deraa. Deraa’s people were dying under the military siege and experienced massacres and mass graves as a punishment for pro-democracy demonstrations. Residents of Hamza’s town demonstrated in support of Deraa and tried to brake the siege. They paid a high price for that.

For the Syrian regime, Hamza came from the wrong town which had very dangerous qualities that threatens the “stability” of the regime in case they spread too much, which are bravery and solidarity. So he was arrested, and about a month later he was returned to his family as a dead body. He had been absolutely savagely tortured. Multiple shots in arms, for the sake of pain, his genitals were cut out, and then he was shot some more.

As all media and journalism are banned and not allowed to enter Syria , only this video (graphic) taken by his close ones can tell the world. They place them selves in great danger by filming the video, but they wanted you and the world to see. 

The death of Hamza is also mentioned by Syrian rights activists here  (only in Arabic I am afraid), and by the Lebanese radio station network sawtbeirut here (in english) ,on English Aljazeera blogs and on Arabic Aljazeera news site in addition to the news being aired multiple times on the Arabic Aljazeera TV. It has also been mentioned in the Arabic edition of BBC.  Very few western media were reporting this, which is a great shame, but I did manage to find something mentioned at France24 . A facebook page we are all hamza Ali Al khatib was was created in his honor by Syrian activists.

Today on Aljazeera, Bassam Abu Abd allah, a so called regime “intellectual”, professor of international relations at Damascus university, a fierce defender of the regime and attacker of protesters calling them on TV mobs ans saying “we will ask the army to crush them” commented the story by doubting the authenticity of the story. Then he added an additional theory, saying that the armed “gangs” are the ones who did this, as the mutilations has been reported committed against soldiers. The national Syrian TV has been showing a lot of footage showing funerals of soldiers with national songs and big pictures of the flag and the president ( Bashar IS Syria apparently , in case you did not know). These funerals are claimed to be a “proof” of the conspiracy theory the president mentioned in his speech., and the “armed gangs” theory, and hence the need of the regime to use force.

But..Non-regime loyalists have a different say on that. They say this is what happens to soldiers who refuse to fire. They are killed and left as mutilated bodies as a warning message to other soldiers. And as usual, killing two birds with one stone, they will use the bodies and funerals as a “proof” to others.

Another barbaric tortures was leaked to the net, shoes the school teacher Osama Hussein Al-Zoubi and a video describing what happened (graphic). And many many more..

Can’t stop thinking of Hamza. Shame on everyone who is still silent. Bashar and his gang should be on trial for crimes against humanity, and not in his huge palace up on the hill, enjoying diplomatic representation and relations with the worlds and being in the highest position in the country: the presidency.

There are no words to describe  this..Hamza, I’ve never met you but I think about you a lot. I can’t escape images in my head imagining the absolute horror and excruciating pain you must have experienced all alone..How could we allow this to be able to happen. Shame on  you who are still silent. Shame on those who allow the criminals to continue doing anything and enjoying unlimited barbaric power, laughing outside in the free.

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