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ديسمبر 29, 2011 / najwa

Syrian regime stage bombings, killing demonstrators and blaming them!

For Arab readers, this Arabic version of this post is here.

Terrorism is a powerful word to use. Regimes and politicians can easily and do use that scarecrow to  blind pepole with fear and panic, fill them with mistrust , and make them look the other way when injustice goes on.

Arab dictaor regimes know very well the magic effect of that word, and have been using it for many years, most obvious memorable examples are perhaps from Mubarak before he was toppled, as well as Khadafi who warned from Salafist Islamic Emirates as the alternative to him in power.

Syrian regime has been no exception. Trying to tell the world, specially the west, that they are facing islamist terrorists, saboteurs and not anti-regime protests, part of the ongoing Arab Spring.

When western media cites the dictator regime, especially regarding the recent strange Damascus bombings, it is doing exactly what the regime is hoping for. So before you base your opinion, there are many crucially important facts and background info you should hear from Syrians, facts that the western media will have hard time getting. For example as a the regime is having nothing less but a full war on large groups of it’s unarmed civilian people, an important part of that war is the local Syrian (pro-regime, ofcourse) media . 

Since several months a lot of people have been saying they think the Syrian dictator regime is committing some arbitrary killings in areas experiencing anti-regime demonstrations, both as a collective punishment, as well as a try to convince people that what is going on is a civil war and chaos, not a pro-democracy revolution, part of the Arab democracy spring. Like targeting simple workers in their work buses, or targeting school buses (which are always well marked as school buses, and were not close to any demonstration), killing for example little girl Hajer, whose little brother on the same bus testified that the army was behind the attacks, and by that risked his life as well.

When the Arab League threatened with possibilities of foreign intervention, finally Syrian regime agreed to sign to sign the Arab League protocol allowing 500 Arab monitors to enter Syria.

When the news was out the regime had accepted the protocol (or pretended to), a lot of people wondered what the next steps of equivocation, tricks and lies would be . During all these long bloody months we have already witnessed so called pro-regime”demonstrations” , staged the same way any pro-dictator demonstration is, like Libya before the fall of Qaddafi, Iraq before the fall of Saddam, or any other underdeveloped dictator state. Privileged regime security police and militia and their families rally for the dictator, government employees and students are forced to rally for the dictator as well, sometimes together with bought poor mercenaries. We got used to that. We also got used to seeing tragic-comic staged dumb clips of security police and militia (like this hysterical guy) pretending to be civilian inhabitants of rebellious cities, shown on national TV, where they urge the army enter and restore order and protect them from the demonstrators, ” gangs and vandals “they call them. Hours later we would see the army massacring these cities, not even babies spared, mass graves later discovered, and much more atrocities.

The first day the first members of Arab League delegates arrived, something remarkably different happened all of a sudden: two bombs exploded in Damascus, and not just any where, but in heavily guarded security buildings in Kafar Souse , an area every Syrian will tell you” not even birds can fly close without security agents allowing it”. Yes, this is actually a known expression in Syria, in the police state of 17 different secret police branches. Or as every poster every 50 m in the country says : “Assad’s Syria”.

Some ask sarcastically, if all these security apparatus could not protect from the mysterious so called “gangs” all over the country all these months, according to the official story, shouldn’t such a regime feel a bit ashamed of it’s ultimate failure and resign ?!

What most people will remember is the warnings of activists about big numbers of detainees being transported from prisons to military and secret police detentions, places were Arab League delegates will not be able to visit, in addition of warnings of a real fear of large numbers of them might get liquidated. Foreign minister said the delegates will not be allowed to visit sensitive military sites. Many Syrians beleive  today that detained demonstrators did get transported, and some were liquidated, in the Damascus bombings(!). 

Further interesting details when it comes to the bombings, the minister said in a conference on Syrian TV before the arrival of the delegates, that any terrorist act would “increase our credibility”. No, don’t think that would be too stupid and obvious. This is the same minister who said months ago, and thousands of innocent lives ago, that Syria will become so democratic with the generous so called reforms done by president Bashar Assad, that “it will be  the model of democracy in the world”.

 So, first day delegates are here, two bombs explode in heavily guarded security area…. on a Friday… when most security agents are free. An interesting coincidence ; Aljazeera and Alarabiya news networks (biggest and pretty much the most viewed independent networks) experienced interference at the time of the bombings, so the whole world had to watch Syrian national TV (biased propaganda pro-regime, as always the case in a dictator state) to get info about the bombings.

  Within 15 minutes of the bombings the TV said preliminary investigation points to Al-Qaida.Isn’t it a bit strange how efficient the Syrian security militia suddenly became? Must be the fastest investigation ever. I bet FBI and CIA wish they had that in 9/11.  But really? Al-Qaida all of a sudden? The thing is, Al-Qaida or any other terrorist organization usually proudly announces responsibility over their actions, say why they did it and what they want. Al-Qaida never did that.

There are a lot of serious questions regarding the bombings, one, for example, is how a building gets only it´s third floor burned but not the first and second, when the reason according to officials on Syrian TV is two car explosions, cars that were on the ground? This and many more questions..Like why some funerals of the bombing victims turned into an demonstration against the murderous regime, as they bravely expressed, and got shot at by security for that? 

Also, one of the shown torn bodies of the bombings victims on the Syrian TV, do remind quite a lot of a young man called Abd El Kader Nebhan, from outside Homs, who was arrested by security forces earlier and forced to “confess” that he was a “terrorist” (and not a pro-democracy demonstrator) on the Syrian TV, as many have noticed.

Many unofficial news sites (allowed to operate in Syria though, which means they are pro-regime, owned often by rich corrupted officials or their relatives), have spread info saying Syrian Muslim brothers were behind the attacks, showing a site pretending to be the MB site taking responsability. As most Syrians have not visited the real site, they will not notice that it was not the real site.(real URL).  Technology savvy  pepole could easily check that this site has been created only recently, and notice the ability to access this site (unlike all real opposition sites which are blocked in Syria) , and even clearly see that it is regime affiliates who were trying to frame Muslim Brotherhood for the Damascus Car Bombs (more sources: MB denies any involvement, AFP admits being duped by a fake MB website) . More importantly than the framing however, is that the fake site was created before the bombings, and hence points in the direction of them knowing about the plans of those bombings!

For many Syrians, there is no need to think twice about who was behind the bombings. There is a reason why so many Syrians call the regime a “mafia”.There is a long history of such actions we have lived with. Ask hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Lebanese people who had enough after the bombings killing prime minister Hariri, along with many other Lebanese critics of the Syrian regime killed in car bombs, all these millions of Lebanese people who marched out in the cedar revolution, with no doubt over who was to blame .

Not many are surprised by the sudden attacks on french UNIFIL troops either, happening now all of a sudden after all these decades of total peace, a clear mafia regime message from Syria to France, the country most outspoken against the atrocities committed in Syria. 

Even more scary than the signs of regime affiliates knowing about plans of the bombings, is the very real fear of those bomb victims being mostly political detainees, transported to the big feared secret police buildings and liquidated with the bombings, along with some sacrificed soldiers and officers, and defected soldiers.

After all, there is a good reason why there were no names on the coffins, no name list of the victims ever presented. Killing 2 birds with one stone is a technique many Syrians have got used to seeing used by what they call “mafia” regime.

Killing their enemies: pro-democracy protesters in the bombings, and blaming the same enemies, the demonstrators, which they call terrorists, sabotagers, salafists, etc..There is a saying in Syria: killing your victim and participating in his funeral, pretending to mourn. Here they even pretend that they are the victims. and used their victims bodies, dead and alive, in their bloody and poorly directed bombings movie . Welcome to “Assad’s Syria”!  

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